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Caplea & Variola: Providing Legal Guardian
Services for 30 Years


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Caplea & Variola: Providing Legal Guardian
Services for 30 Years


Becoming a legal guardian is no easy task. In fact, whether you’re exploring permanent or temporary guardianship, there are hundreds of steps to go through before you can legally gain custody of an individual. But luckily, you don’t have to take on the entire process alone! Caplea & Variola is a law firm that helps clients with legal guardianship for both adults and kids. So whether you need to set up your disabled adult kid with a trusted guardian or you want to take custody of your godchildren/grandchildren, we can help! To get started, book a consultation with a skilled attorney. There, you can tell them what your goals are and what parts of the process you find confusing. For bookings in or near Mansfield, OH, call (330) 455-5195.

Our attorney offers legal guardian consultation services to clients from:

  • Ashland, OH
  • Canfield, OH
  • Canton, OH
  • Hartville, OH
  • Louisville, OH
  • Mahoning County, OH
  • Mansfield, OH
  • Massillon, OH
  • Middlebranch, OH
  • North Benton, OH
  • North Canton, OH
  • Richland County, OH
  • Stark County, OH
  • Youngstown, OH
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Temporary Guardianship: How Our Firm Can Help

Temporary guardianship is the process wherein a parent legally appoints a trusted individual to assume custody of their child and act as a legal guardian. You might be wondering why any parent would willingly give up their children. However, there are actually quite a few reasons such as:

  • Financial Instability: If you know you’re facing financial hardship, you need to be honest and acknowledge your current financial capacity may not be enough to provide for children. In cases like these, you can appoint a legal guardian to take over while you improve your financial income.
  • Mental Health Issues: Temporary guardianship may also take place if the biological parents are not mentally fit to take care of a kid. The parent will have to undergo the needed treatment and rehab programs if they want to regain custody over their kid.
  • Overall Unstable Well-Being: Parents have the freedom to appoint someone else as a legal guardian if they feel they cannot provide for their kids.

The court will decide how long the child stays with their appointed legal guardian. The duration varies on a case-by-case basis and heavily relies on how fast the biological parents can get back on their feet.


We Offer Assistance in Getting Legal Guardianship
for Adults

Parents with mentally disabled children should seriously consider assigning a legal guardian to their kids once they grow up. If your disabled kid reaches 18 without you assigning them to a guardian, they are then considered as legal adults. So this means they can enter into contracts, sign leases, and refuse services just as any other adult can.

However, they will also be held liable for their actions. Your kid may get in serious danger if they don’t have proper guidance. So make sure you sign them up for the right guardianship programs!

If you’re having trouble navigating through the rules of legal guardianship for adults with disabilities, don’t worry because Caplea & Variola is here to help! Our experienced family lawyer can guide you through the entire process to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Also, we can help assess whether assigning a legal guardian to your kid is the best thing to do. There are plenty of alternatives to legal guardianship for adults so you shouldn’t limit your options.

Ready to get started? Clients from and around Mansfield, OH can reach us at (330) 455-5195.


Call and Ask About Becoming a
Legal Guardian

Considering becoming a legal guardian? Congratulations! You are now one of the heroes who assume custody over children in an attempt to improve their lives. The entire process can be quite stressful, both for you and the child. So it wouldn’t make sense to take on everything alone.

To make things easier for everyone involved, opt to hire a family attorney! Look for someone who’s experienced in these types of cases and can handle the paperwork swiftly. That way, you can focus all your attention on your new dependents and learning how to make their lives better.

For more information on becoming a legal guardian, reach out to Caplea & Variola! Our attorney does appointments in and near Mansfield, OH. Schedule your free consultation now at (330) 455-5195.


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